Hi A1 Kennel Systems. First can I say how pleased we are with the dog bed you made for us, it must be one of the best buys we have made. It regularly sleeps 3 gsp's and sometimes a Lab as well. Thanks
Pat Ideson
Thank you A1 Kennel Systems for the excellent kennel you made for me, and for the quick delivery and installation. I am looking forward to getting my shed, thank you, Jane.
Pat Ideson - Proprietor Of K9 Rope
A1 Kennels installed for me one month ago a Cheviot two kennel system. I was so impressed with the job I ordered another add-on to turn it into a three. I was a bit worried how it would match up but I need'nt have worried, it's perfect. A1 Kennel Systems turned up at 10am and by 12-15 pm job done. These kennels are the business, so easily cleaned and maintenance free. I also like how the cabin tops double as benches. Great job A1 Kennel Systems.
Jane Clark
Great kennels A1 Kennel Systems, wish I had them years ago. Life is so much easier now, the time I save on cleaning out is very important to me. No smells as they are so hygienic. Thanks again, John
Godfrey Robson
Thanks A1 Kennel Systems for the kennel sections, what a transformation they have made to the appearance of our kennels here at Holystone. I can't recommend them enough, they are top quality, so easily fitted and everything went just as you said it would. Thanks again, Brian
John Pyle - Headkeeper, Rothwell Estate, Lincolnshire
Don't know how I managed before, kenneling was always a problem - dogs chewing them to bits, pulling wire off and odour. Now it's very different, maintenance free, cleaning down time is reduced, no smells and totally secure. Many thanks.
Brian Little - Headkeeper, Holy Stone, Northumberland
Hi A1 Kennel Systems, thank you very much for the non chew dog bed. We have searched all over for a bed that our dog can`t chew up, and yours certainly do the trick. We are thoroughly pleased with ours, and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone, once again thank you. Sam
Jim Sutton - Headkeeper, Kettleshiel, Lammermuire Hills
Thank you A1 Kennel Systems for an excellent job and quick delivery.
Samantha Myles - Bognor Regis
First class job quick delivery with no problems can recomend A1 Kennel Systems' products to anyone, Dale and Denise at Pond View Kennels.
Greenwich Council
Thank you for the excellent holding kennels that you made to our specifications, Greenwich Council Dog Catchers.
Dave Jones - Lancashire

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