Do we buy in ready made panels?

No everything is made from scratch designed and fabricated in house by our own team

What makes us stand out from the competition?

We build kennels that are totally chew proof safe and secure. They are made to last.

Our mesh is selected for quality and our bar panels are solid bar drilled and welded into the box section frame. We make to order and do not carry a lot of ready made stock.

We work with the customer and communicate every step of the way. Any changes to the order are therefore discussed at the beginning and throughout the fabrication of the product thus saving valuable time and money.

Do we use inferior materials to produce a cheaper less effective and durable product No we pride ourselves on quality and customer service.

Why pay twice?

Fit once and fit the best We make a range of dog cages to suit all breeds.

These are made from mesh and box section or bar if you prefer.each one is designed to fit your needs and in the casebof dog transport boxes or cages to suit your vehicle.

We can produce a complete boarding kennel system designed to suit the client and all compliant with local boarding kennel rules according to your local authority.

We also offer individual kennels from our ranges.

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